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Neosource, Inc. strongly supports the local community and is pleased the following agencies provide us the opportunity to give back to a community that has given so much to us. We encourage supporting these agencies that so strongly impact our society by improving the life for all of us.

United Way Day of Caring
September 14, 2018


For the 14th year, Neosource participated in the United Way Day of Caring. Neosource’s first Day of Caring was 2004. Started in 1991, 2018 represents the 27th United Way Day of Caring. Today, it represents 59 Partner Agencies. Day of Caring – truly an invaluable community service.

This year’s crew consisted of a lot of new Neosource faces that haven’t participated in previous Day of Caring’s. Our ‘old timer’s’ at previous Day of Caring’s held down the fort and maintained our busy work schedule to meet customer’s expectations.

It was our privilege to build a ramp for a wonderful 77 year old special (yes, special, not senior) citizen enabling her to exit and enter her house more easily using a walker. Without a ramp, using a wheel chair with assistance was a great challenge, so the ramp is a BIG improvement. It significantly assists preventing falls, which is critical for those over 70.

With the manpower available, the front porch steel railing and supports were power wire brushed, primed and painted providing a nice fresh appearance with all rust removed. Her son had already done a great job of cutting the grass and all the bushes, so just a few were topped off as needed.

(click on picture to open slideshow)

Some Day of Caring’s have super great weather with low heat and low humidity. However, this year was one of those hot and humid years with little shade. Despite the high sun, high temps and a lot of drinking water, a truly quality ramp was built that will last many, many years. We’re fortunate to have such skilled workers. Thanks to all for ‘sweating’ it out!!

Our crew had a great time and enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer for this worthwhile project. Neosource is truly a blessed company, and we always appreciate giving back to our community. Thanks to everyone for improving the lives of others.

Neosource encourages everyone to support the 2018 United Way, to whatever level you can afford. No matter how large or small, it all adds up and, as always, will be used for many great causes for one of the 59 Partner Agencies. See their great page and video at http://www.tauw.org/tauw/default.asp Our 2018 United Way Partner for building this ramp is Ability Resources. www.abilityresources.org

Ability Resources’ mission is to assist people with disabilities in attaining and maintaining their personal independence through advocacy, education and service. One way this can be achieved is in the creation of an environment in which people with disabilities can exercise their rights to control and direct their own lives. Ability Resources is a non-residential Center for Independent Living dedicated to maximizing the independence of individuals with disabilities.

Link to the Tulsa World regarding the 5,000+ volunteers and 500+ projects spread across the Tulsa area:

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