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Community - 2019

Neosource, Inc. strongly supports the local community and is pleased the following agencies provide us the opportunity to give back to a community that has given so much to us. We encourage supporting these agencies that so strongly impact our society by improving the life for all of us.

United Way Day of Caring
September 6, 2019


For the 15th year, Neosource participated in the Tulsa’s Area United Way Day of Caring. Neosource’s first Day of Caring was 2004. Started in 1991, 2018 represents the 28th United Way Day of Caring. Today, it represents 59 Partner Agencies. Day of Caring – truly an invaluable community service. For 2019, we were at the Case Community Center in Sand Springs. Neosorce, as well as Matrix, Flight Safety and Mazzios, had volunteers to plant over 131 trees, remove dead or damaged trees and fill dumpsters from larger dead trees. Here’s a special thanks to Director Jeff Edwards and Supervisor Joe Medlin for help, direction and organization for bringing everyone together for this sizeable project.

This year’s crew consisted of folks experienced with planting trees and running heavy machinery. We really appreciated the rest of our guys/gals at the shop holding down the fort for meeting our customer’s expectations. We’re blessed to be most busy!!

It was our privilege to plant 50+ trees and fill a couple of dumpsters with 2 large trees previously downed by the Case maintenance crew. Case Joe Medlin arranged core drilling the many holes for the trees, allowing our crew to plant, straighten, water and finally mulch all the trees. A group of us loaded up the bags of mulch and distributed to all the different sites in the park.

What really made the difference was our rental of 2 Trackhoes from White Star Machinery near 61st & Garnett. (Andrew did a great job of reserving the machines for Neosource, and Robert did a super job delivering to Sand Springs and picking them up. Thank You Andrew and Robert!!!). Neosource had 2 GREAT guys operating these Trackhoes, which easily pulled up dead/damaged trees and dug out holes for new trees. Loading the larger logs from the 2 downed trees could not have been done without these machines. They saved a LOT of back breaking shoveling by uprooting 35 trees for 2 of the other groups. They could simply grip the tree with the grapple and pull it up, roots and all! Then those groups could proceed to plant, fill in and mulch the new trees.

(click on picture to open slideshow)

Some Day of Caring’s have super great weather with low heat and low humidity. However, this year was hot but not as hot as 2018. Gatorade, water, some shade once in a while and a great lunch in the Case Community Center made it all good.

Our crew had a great time and enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer for this worthwhile project. Neosource is truly a blessed company, and we always appreciate giving back to our community. Thanks to everyone for improving the lives of others.

Many, many thanks to the philanthropy of the Case family for making this great park a reality. They are truly an inspiration to all of us. See: Tulsa World Article

Neosource encourages everyone to support the 2019 United Way, to whatever level you can afford. No matter how large or small, it all adds up and, as always, will be used for many great causes for one of the 59 Partner Agencies. See their great page and video at: http://www.tauw.org/tauw/Campaign_Video_2019.asp

Link to the Tulsa World regarding the 5,000+ volunteers and 500+ projects spread across the Tulsa area:

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